K9X Ball

The most durable dog ball toy in the world!

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Your dog's new best friend!

K9X Ball is not just your average dog ball toy.  It's solid construction and pliability makes for an enjoyable experience for your dog that actually lasts! No really, try it! If it stands up to Bastian, it'll stand up to your dog!

Oh, and did we mention, it's certified non-toxic?  Yep, that's right! No worries here, your best friend is our best friend.  And we'd never let anything happen to our friends.

K9X Ball now comes in 3 sizes! The Regular is tennis ball sized and intended for dogs 20-75 lbs, the XL is softball sized and intended for dogs 75-150 lbs, and the Small is slightly larger than a golf ball and intended for dogs 1-20 lbs.



We know your dog loves to chew... a lot... We know you're tired of paying upwards of $20 for your pet's toy to last 15 minutes.  Finally, your dog has met his match!  K9X Ball stands up to the toughest chewers and lasts... and lasts... and lasts. 

In fact, we guarantee it for 90 days! If your dog destroys a K9X Ball in 90 days, we'll either send you a new one or refund your money. 

Plus, we'll add a picture of your pup to our Hall of Fame!


"Finally, a ball I can't destroy"



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"Our dog Gemma just loves it, she won't give it up, in fact, we had to get a second so Emme wouldn't get jealous!"

-Tammy Norrenberns, K9X Ball Customer

"This is only the second toy we have ever found that lasted more than a few hours (seriously)... This is a wonderful product, no shredding or chunks."

-Sarah and Joe Ellis and Maynard, K9X Ball Customers


"My Dog Willow really likes it! So far it seems pretty durable. I've been training a new puppy with it and even his little hypeodermic needle-like teeth haven't been able to tear chunks off of it!"

-Payton Vollmer, Owner, Willow Walk Dog Training


"If you have spent huge amounts on pet toys, these are for your pet.  Received our order and usually within 5 minutes, our Weimaraner has already bit a hole in a toy. Not Today!!! It's the perfect size! So glad we found your site!

-Lynnett Mclaurin and Mac, K9X Ball Customers


"I tested the new K9X ball on our three Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Wow I am impressed! I am going to recommend this toy to all my dog show and hunt test friends. It’s a great product... Thanks so much for finally developing a dog proof toy."

-Karen Sosik, Champion Chesapeake Bay Retriever Trainer


"We've been testing out the K9X Ball for a few weeks now and it is still in perfect condition! It's basically indestructible yet bounces and is a little squishy so Nova loves to carry it everywhere! Definitely going to need another one so Odin stops trying to steal Nova's ball!

-Nova, Odin, and Freya from Dogs on Duty

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New Toy. New Life.

Bastian believes that all dogs should have a great life. Unfortunately, due to poaching and habitat loss, African Painted Dogs are on the verge of extinction with less than 7,000 left in the world.  These beautiful dogs need our help, that's why Bastian Pet Toys will donate $0.50 from K9X Balls purchased to support the work of the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute's Center for Conservation of Carnivores in Africa to help the painted dogs.  The WildCare Institute works directly with organizations in Africa to promote the life and well being of carnivores such as cheetahs, lions, and, of course, painted dogs! Your dog gets a new toy, you help save a dog's life.  Does it get much better than that?

Meet our pack!

Growing up on the streets of Jefferson County, MO, Bastian Schmidt had a rough go.  A young pup of a mere 10 months, Bastian was found starving, covered in ticks, and scared of people.  Not opening up to people, the vet didn't think Bastian would make it, but our friends at St. Louis Pet Rescue came to his aid! Turns out, Bastian just needed a comfortable experience.  In a months time, Bastian came out of his shell and learned all the great tricks of being a great dog. 

One day at an adoption event, Bastian's life would change forever.  He would meet his new best friend, Tom. Tom and Bastian quickly became best friends as they played together in the park, Bastian was even responsible for securing the newest member of the pack, Mrs. Sarah Schmidt.  Now, Bastian, Sarah, and Tom enjoy the finer things in life, such as long walks in the park, sharing a steak dinner, a pup cup from the local ice cream shop, and of course, the K9X Ball.