Hall of Fame

The K9X Ball is so tough, only the world's toughest chewers can destroy one! With that in mind, we praise our dogs with the strength to take one down! So far, just two!



Maynard is the first pup who has taken down a K9X Ball!  K9X Ball is one of only two toys that Maynard has taken more than a day to destroy.  This picture is several days after Maynard first started chewing on his new favorite ball.  A couple months later, he was actually able to break one down!  He's one tough chewer and despite winning our challenge, we're thrilled he's a K9X Dog!

Bella HOF.jpg


Bella is the second dog to make our Hall of Fame!  She is rather proud of herself after quite literally destroying every toy she's ever had (fortunately she's moved to toys from carpet, books, drywall, molding and shoes).  Her victims include: Kong, Tuffy, and Top Paw. Although we didn't hold up to our 90 day guarantee, we did at least beat our competition!  Congrats Bella, you look so proud, and we're quite proud of your work!