I Remember... I Remember The First Time We Ever Met

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You know that moment when you think to yourself… “you know what, I think he remembers”?  Well, I’ve got news for you humans that we dogs knew all along.  We, in fact, have the capability to remember! 

Remember that time you said we’d take the K9X Ball and go play fetch in the park tomorrow?  Then tomorrow came and went?  No? Well, I sure do! How about you make it up to me with a treat? 

As it turns out, you humans have finally figured out how to prove it to yourselves.  Using the “Do As I Do” training method, 17 of my canine friends showed significant evidence that they could remember tasks presented to them for up to an hour.  This is a groundbreaking study for you humans as you thought you all were so special with your “episodic memory” that separated you from the rest of the animal kingdom.  It just so happens, that you’ve been wrong all along! We dogs are right there with you!

NPR highlighted this study from Current Biology back in 2016.  The “Do As I Do” method essentially shows a dog an action performed by a human.  Once the dog is told “Do it!” the dog repeats the action that the human performed.  The key finding though, is that we remember the action for more than an hour and even receive other mental stimulation before the “Do it” command is given.  This happens even if the object we are supposed to interact with has been removed from our sight! 

So despite what you may think, we’re not fooled when you tell us, ‘wait until tomorrow” for that game of fetch.  We won’t forget. 

For more on the study, visit https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/11/23/503072612/your-dog-remembers-every-move-you-make


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