Summer Entertainment for the Whole Pack (Part 1)

Now that it’s the summer season, it’s time to get outside!  I’m sure your pup is like me and loves to be outside!  With that in mind, Tom and I came up with some great ideas to get you and your best friend out of the house and out exploring!

If you’re on a coast, whether it’s the Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, or like where I live on the Coast of the Mississippi River, the beach makes a great spot for your pup.  I’m a digger, so imagine all the fun you can have digging for buried treasures!  Heating up out there?  What a great spot to dive in and cool off! Some local beaches even have off-leash hours where we don’t have to keep you humans attached to us with a leash.

No beach? No problem. Surely there are some trails to take your dog for a hike.  I personally love hiking! We went last Sunday and boy was it good to get out into the woods, sniff some new smells, and explore some new terrain! There are a lot of great places to go hiking and most State Parks are dog friendly.  Check out a State Park near you!  Oh, but check for ticks, they’re crazy this year!

Speaking of State Parks, what about going camping?  Tell your human to pack up the tent, roll down the window, and go for a ride!  Most State Parks are equipped with campgrounds and BBQ grills, so tell your human to bring some extra meat for you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sit by the campfire, stomach full of bratwurst, and curl up with your pack under the stars?

Don’t have time to get to a hiking spot?  No worries, we’ll wear ourselves out at the dog park!  We can meet new friends, your human can meet new friends, and we get to run around and play!  Oh and if you’re going, may I suggest brining a K9X Ball for a game of fetch?  All the dogs in the yard will be jealous!

All of this writing is making me hungry! Which brings us to our 5th idea: Go out to dinner! It seems more and more restaurants are opening up their patios to us pups. Take advantage by being the best third wheel in the history of third wheels and join mom and dad’s date night!  They get a bottle of wine, you get a few bites of their gourmet steak… Seems like a win-win!

Next week, we’ll continue our Summer series with 5 more great ideas for summer, so stay tuned!


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