Don't Paws... Come Play!

Hey Everyone,

Bastian here! I wanted to thank you for visiting my site!  I know Tom has been very busy making sure you all get your K9X Balls, I know this because he’s been taking all of my space in the living room.  I’m not very happy about that, it really gets in the way of me chewing on my bone.  I really enjoy bones, they’re just so delicious! Have you ever tried one?  I highly recommend! 

Anyway, we got some bad news today.  We were all excited to bring the K9X Ball to you at the St. Louis Pet Expo on Saturday and Sunday.  Unfortunately, our friends at the Pet Expo weren’t quite able to cross their eyes and dot their Dalmatians with the Convention Center.  No worries though! Hopefully they can reschedule and we can make it!  In the meantime, Tom and I are going to work hard to bring you some exciting stories and news about, you guessed it, dogs!  We hope to feature a #K9XDog at least once a month! 

So today, I want to tell you a secret!  So as Tom’s typing this for me, I’m currently sitting with my head on his computer hoping for a few pets under the chin.  I’ve been successful just about every three words so far.  Sometimes, if it’s a long word, I can sneak one in the mid……………dle of a word.  Back to the secret - I really like attention, a lot… and quite often I like to use my paw to tell you that.  There, I said it! Secret’s out! The cat’s out of the bag!  Did someone say there’s a cat to chase?  I digress…  According to, my pawing habits could mean a few things, of course, one of these is that I just want attention.  This seems to work pretty well, I paw Tom, Tom pets me, I win, Tom wins, we’re all happy!  Also, sometimes I just want to roll around on the floor and wrestle and play, I use my paws to let Tom know! Belly rubs are an added bonus! 

Another time I do this is when I do something I’m not supposed to… like the day I may or may not have chewed up the knobs on the furniture.  Now I will neither confirm nor deny that rumor, but I totally used some puppy dog eyes and a few quick paws to say “I’m sorry!”  Now, much like Tom to Sarah, I’m not 100% sure why I had to say sorry (remember, there’s no proof I did this…), but I figure that we can all move on and make life better.  Ok, Ok, I may have nibbled on the knobs a bit, but who doesn’t?

Well, I hope that answers some of your questions on how we dogs communicate with our paws!  Be sure to follow along at, @k9xball on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more from me, Bastian!  I heard Sarah say treat, so I’m going to go check that out now…