What Kind of Dog Does Dracula Have?... Halloween Tricks and Treats for Us Dogs!

Hi Everyone!

Bastian is back, I’m just sitting here working while Tom is watching the World Series.  Baseball, so much fun… it involves my three of my favorite things, people, balls, and sticks! I don’t quite understand why they run in such an erratic pattern though.  It looks like the ball chases them… I don’t get it!  And why don’t they carry the stick?  That’s the best part!

Anyway, it’s Halloween season! That means kids and treats!  I love kids, they get so excited to see me! Nothing like going up to a little boy or girl and getting a pet on the head and if I’m lucky, a belly rub! So it’s great to have them literally come to the door every couple minutes.  I feel at home on Halloween, because when I want a treat, I have to sit.  Here in St. Louis, the kids who come to the door?  They have to tell a joke to get their treat.  I hope they tell some good ones like “What kind of dog does Dracula have?  A bloodhound!” 

Speaking of tricks, it’s important for you to remember that most Halloween candy is not safe for us dogs!  For starters, we all know chocolate, while delicious, is not safe for us.  The compound theobromine is highly toxic and can cause us to get a bad belly ache and get sick, and if we eat too much, we could even die.  Also, unfortunately, we weren’t blessed with thumbs like people, so we’re not very good at opening wrappers.  Never fear though, we’ll still eat your candy, wrapper and all! Much like Tom, we’re not very good at that whole “will power” thing, so please don’t leave the candy bowl within our reach as the wrappers can get stuck in our throat.  Now, a little sugar isn’t a bad thing (I do love a good pup cup from the ice cream shop), but candy corn and similar candies that are almost all sugar will make us really sick.  We really don’t want to cross our paws all night waiting for you to wake up to let us out.  Having said that, we know you yuppie puppies are all about the fake sugar.  It’s “healthier” they say, but treats made with sugar alcohols like xylitol, while lower in calories, really damages a dog’s liver. 

All these restrictions sound tough on us dogs, but here are some great treat ideas for us this Halloween!

1.       Canned Pumpkin! Pumpkin actually helps with digestion in dogs.  It’s naturally sweet and is delicious! A teaspoon/tablespoon or 2 is great for your dog depending on size.

2.       Apples – They’re in season right now and are full of vitamins.  So good this time of year (just do us a favor and take out the seeds).

3.       Bones – Could anything scream more Halloween than a good bone? 

4.       K9X Ball – They come in Halloween Orange!