Science Says Dogs Are Truly Your Best Friends

Hi All!

What a great weekend it was here in St. Louis!  We took full advantage by getting out of the house and taking several long walks!  We don’t get to do that often in January here, so we had to take full advantage! 

Well, you’ve always known that us dogs are your best friends.  Now there is scientific proof!  According to an American Kennel Club study, you’d rather spend time with me than your friends!  Don’t believe me?  Well, let’s think about this for a minute.  You’ve got a busy day, the boss was giving you the passive aggressive treatment about that report that’s due on Friday, you’re exhausted, and you’re a little down.  Then, you get home, open the front door, and guess who is greeting you tails-a-wagging? 

In fact, the study states that us dogs help you people out with nearly 5 stressful situations each week.  Now for me, personally, I’ve been known to help out Tom with a few things over the years, including anything from just listening to helping mend a couple of surgeries.  I also crack the leash and keep Tom in shape by making him walk three times a day!

Enter Sarah.  Now, when Tom met Sarah, I thought, well… we’ll see how this goes.  We met at a state park here in Missouri.  Tom brought me along, while thinking all along, if she doesn’t like Bastian, this isn’t going to work… Now, according to the study, 80% of people think the same way.  Don’t like Fido? No date for you!  Fortunately for Tom, my good looks and charm quickly won Sarah over.  A few licks and she was hooked! 

Now 88 percent of you say that us dogs make you better people, well, you people make us better dogs too! 



P.S. Don’t forget to visit us this Sunday in Soulard, St. Louis, MO at the 2018 Beggin’ Mardi Gras Pet Parade!

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