Olympics... For Your Dog!

Hi All!

The Winter Olympics are here!  There’s something about the thrill of the competition! Skiers flying down the mountain, cross country skiing, bobsledding, luge, ski jump, speed skating, etc. get us all excited!  Well, except for curling… I’m afraid of brooms. 

Now remember, us dogs are athletes too! We also love a good competition. With that in mind, I’ve been racking my brain all day to come up with some great Olympic events to share with your pup!  Here’s what I came up with:

1.       Play Fetch! Get out your K9X Ball, get out in the yard or the park and let me chase down the best bouncing ball in the world!

2.       Create an obstacle course! With some PVC pipe, some plywood, a little ingenuity, and elbow grease, you can build some hurdles, ramps, and break out some agility poles.  You can train your pup or if you have a beginner, use a short leash!

3.       Train your pup in acrobatics! The K9X Ball is the perfect bouncing ball that will have your dog jumping for joy in the pursuit!

4.       Go for a run! We love to run, whether you jog or sprint, us pups would love to join in!

5.       Let us pull you along! Get on your skis or skates and let us take the lead and do our best sled dog impression!

 I’m excited for the Olympics and can’t wait to lay down on the couch and hang out with Tom and Sarah watching them.  Enjoy the Games!

Your Friend,


Tom SchmidtComment