Puppy, It's Cold Outside!

Thanks for coming back again and again! It’s just like your dog playing fetch with a K9X Ball!  Speaking of being outside… it’s getting awfully cold out there.  I’ve noticed my nightly walks are getting shorter and shorter as the temperature keeps getting lower.  With that in mind, I wanted to remind you that contrary to popular belief, us dogs can get pretty cold out there!  It’s vitally important to ensure we have a nice warm place.  Having said that, we still need our walks and our outdoor time! 

Now, all dogs are different.  Some have long fur, like the Afghan Hound (AKA if Cher were a canine), while many others, like me, have short fur.  We short haired dogs struggle more with the cold than the long haired dogs.  So when it drops below freezing, be aware that we can only handle so much.  But even my long haired friends get cold, as our ears, feet, and tails can get frostbite.  When you take us out for that long walk, try to do it when the sun is shining, that goes a long way towards keeping us warm. 

Although we love being outside, we do love the warmth, and thus really like spending most of the day hanging out with you inside the house.  While we can tolerate more than our human counterparts, a good rule of thumb is that if you’re cold, so are we!  So try not to push us more than we’re capable.  Of course, we also could go for a nice warm bed too.  If your best friend gets dry skin, think about adding some coconut and/or fish oil to their diets.  You can also put coconut oil directly onto the skin.

Now, I’m not gunna lie, I’m a big fan of food, I haven’t met a snack that wasn’t worth begging for, except for carrots… I don’t know how other dogs choke those things down.  Gross… Anyway, I probably will get yelled at for this one, but help make sure we keep our “puppy-ish” figure and avoid over-feeding us.  Having said that, if you insist on keeping your dog outside, you should probably bulk us up a bit to help us get through the winter.  Also make sure we have plenty of water.  Yeah, we’ll eat snow from time to time, but that snow isn’t enough to hydrate us.  Again, if we’re outside all day, make sure our water bowl doesn’t freeze – even if just on top. 

Also, if we’re out walking in water or in snow and ice, ensure that we have that fur between our paw pads nice and trimmed.  Also, regular salt is toxic to us dogs.  So ensure we don’t lick off that salt once we get back by cleaning off our paws once we get back.  If your sidewalks need clearing, ensure you pick a brand that is non-toxic to us.

Finally, there are some car hazards to think about as well.  Much like leaving your car in a hot car in the summer, make sure you don’t leave us in a running car over the winter. Carbon Monoxide is a big threat to us dogs just like you people.  Finally, be careful pouring antifreeze, which tastes sweet, to ensure you don’t spill onto the floor.  Just a few slurps is enough to be fatal to us. 

Well, that will do it for this week’s post.  We’re looking forward to Christmas! Don’t forget to pick up a K9X Ball for your dog’s stocking!

Your Friend,


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