Happy Holidays from Santa Paws!

Woof Woof Woof! Merry Christmas!  Ok, Ok, my Santa Paws impression needs some work!  Speaking of Santa, I hear his sleigh is full of K9X Balls for your favorite pup! So the Holidays are fast approaching, and in the spirit of the holiday, I thought it would be a good idea to paws a minute and remind you of the good and bad Holiday treats this year!

Now I know some of you will be giving your family a new pup this holiday season.  I myself am hoping for a brother or sister to have around the house.  I’ve got Sarah convinced, but still working on Tom.  I think he secretly wants another dog around the house, but isn’t letting on…  Anyway, dogs are wonderful animals, but remember, we are animals! That means we’ll be a lot of work!  Having said that, we’re well worth it, so when it hits January, and our new “puppiness” has worn off, stick with us and we’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you!  And if you haven’t found a pup yet, and you know you’ll be a dedicated dog’s best friend, please check out your local rescue organizations.  I’m only alive to write this today thanks to St. Louis Pet Rescue.  Now I’m the CEO of a soon to be world renowned company! Imagine what your dog will do for you!

Now, on to the Holidays!  Holidays mean decorations, food, and fun! While we’re known for snagging a piece of ham from the kids, some of the food and décor isn’t safe for us. Speaking of shelters, we turn to the ASPCA for some great tips on keeping us healthy for the holidays!

First of all, secure that Christmas tree!  Those ornaments might just remind us of our favorite K9X Ball, so we might try to pull the tree down, make sure the tree is secure!  Also help us out by making it difficult for us to reach the watering bowl for the tree, especially if it has fertilizer!

Now, we’re more than happy to provide you some licks under the mistletoe, but make sure we’re not licking the actual mistletoe!  Poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe give us some major stomach problems!  Also, those burning candles? Ensure they’re in a spot where we can’t knock them over.  It’s one thing to burn the ham, but we don’t want a burnt pooch!

We all know about the dangers of chocolate with dogs, but as artificial sweeteners continue to grow in popularity, we remind you that sugar alcohols like xylitol are downright deadly for us pups!  As much as we want that ham bone, cooked bones splinter very easily and can cause some big time damage!

So what are some good ideas for us?

Well, make sure we have our space, holidays can be overwhelming for us, so please be aware of the signs that we need to go out or need our kennels.  We wouldn’t turn down a slice of grandma’s ham, and we love sweet potatoes (without nutmeg).  Also, don’t forget our exercise! Take that extra time off over the holiday to get us outside for a good long walk or play some fetch with your new K9X Ball! 

Have a great holiday everyone!




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