What's in a Dog's Name?

Hello my friends!

Bastian is back again with yet another glorious blog post!  I know what you’re thinking, life doesn’t get any better than reading blog posts from your favorite dog!  Today’s post is a little different.  Today we ask, what’s in a dog’s name?  As you know, my name is Bastian, this is not your usual Fido or Spot, but then again, how many dogs do you know that own their own company?

So how did I get my name, Bastian?  Well, many people think it goes back to the very popular 1984 German movie, The Never Ending Story, where Bastian Balthazar Bux (played by Barrett Oliver) finds a fantasy book that takes him through the craziest story of his life.  Tom has actually never seen that movie, so it turns out, that’s not it… Could it be after Michael Bastian, the famous New York City designer?  Now Tom can be a stylish “cat” at times, but once you get to know him on a day to day basis, you’ll know, I was definitely not named after a famous designer. Hmmmmmmm… what could it be?  Well, one thing we know, Tom is a big sports fan.  When he convinced me to come live at his place back in 2010, (yep, I know, showing my age), the World Cup was on.  Now Tom “Schmidt” is of German heritage and enjoys watching the US and German national soccer teams.  One player in particular stood out, Thomas Müller.  However, Tom already has the name Thomas.  So he went with the second standout, Bastian Schweinsteiger.  The Germany and Bayern Munich star spent 12 years on the German national team. 

So, that’s how I got my name.  Now, how did you name your dog?  It’s not easy, believe me, I went nameless for nearly 2 weeks!  There are a few recommendations out there to help you best name your pup.  First of all, your pup’s name is going to have that name for life, so make it something you love.  Having said that, simple names are best.  It’s difficult for us pups to comprehend words that are too complicated, so I recommend keeping it to one or two syllables.  Of course, you could always let your dog try a few names out and see which one they respond to best. 

On the other hand, we don’t recommend names that are confused with regularly used dog words like Fetch and Stay.  Also, while it may be funny to you, remember that we’re going to be your best friend, so we ask that keep the name respectful. 

Most important, have fun with it! We’re going to be your best friend fur-ever and can’t wait to hear our new name, especially when a treat or a K9X Ball is in your hand!



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