It’s the Year of the Dog! Happy Chinese New Year from Bastian Pet Toys!

Hi Everyone!

We here at Bastian Pet Toys/K9X Ball are super excited for the Chinese New Year!  Do you know why?  Well, it’s the Year of the Dog!  That’s right! Let the celebration begin!  I don’t know about you, but I think that calls for extra treats!

So what does the Year of the Dog mean?  We’ll as you know, we pups are quite the loyal creatures.  We’re known for never abandoning our friends, family, or our jobs.  We’re also quite persistent, almost stubborn at times, once we’ve set our minds to something… like talking Tom into getting a pup cup from the ice cream shop.  Actually, that doesn’t take that much effort. 

The Chinese recognize these features in us dogs and celebrate it this year!  Pairing with the year of the dog is the element of “earth.” The pairing is said to state that you people born in the year 2018 are stubborn and never give up, but they will respect other perspectives.  Much like us dogs, the 2018 people that work hard will make it in this world just fine. 

Famous Earth Dogs include Madonna and Michael Jackson, so if you have your heart set on having a Pop Star as your child… you might want to get started… Still need to find that lucky someone to make that happen? Look no further than doing what I do… chase a Rabbit!

Since it’s the Year of the Dog, what better way to treat your dog than to pick up a K9X Ball! Great dogs deserve hard working toys, and no toy on Earth can stand up to the K9X Ball… that’s why we say it every day, the most durable dog toy in the world!

What are you waiting for? Hit the shop button today!

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